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Best Bars in Delhi

Delhi the capital and the heart of India is filled with astounding contrasts. Themed bars to beautiful pubs for people who love to spend a fantastic night with a glass of wine and music. We came here with the list of top best bars in Delhi.

List of Top Bars in Delhi

1. Rodeo, Connaught Place

rodeo cp connaught place laziz

This Mexican restaurant bar is placed in the heart of Delhi “Connaught Place“. Rodeo bar is famous for its Wild West them who give you the feel of Wild West movie. This place is also famous for its cowboy theme when ordering a drink to them a cowboy will take your order. Cacti, wooden furniture, and high bar stool make the ambiance more fantastic. Their tequila-based drinks, margaritas, and cocktails are equally excellent. This bar hit the top in the list of best bars in Delhi.

2. Barrels, Vasant Vihar

barrels vasant vihar laziz

When you enter in this bar, the ambiance and decor immediately give you the feel of your college days. Barrels bar walls are full of graffiti and road markings signs on the floor. These things remind your old days of your college bar. Barrels are the perfect place for foodies, musicians, artists, and comedians. This place is heaven for innovative idea people. Barrels bar is one of the best bars in Delhi for all age people. If you want to grab a relaxing drink with bar food and snacks this is an ideal place for you.

Recommended: The cigar rolls filled with corn and cheese

3. Guppy by ai, Lodhi Colony

guppy by ai lodhi colony laziz

Guppy by ai is one of the best contemporary Japanese bars in Delhi. This place serves delicious momos and sushi but many more Japanese dishes. Award-winning chef Vikram Khatri is the real gem of this place. He believes to make dishes with freshness and his techniques create a unique taste in your mouth. Use of pastel colors on the walls make the ambiance of this place is so relaxed. You will love the anime illustration on the walls if you like animation.

Recommended: Shushi, Exotic Mushroom Gyoza, Jumbo Prawns, Sashimi

4. Kylin SkyBar, Vasant Kunj

kylin skybar vasant kunj laziz

Kylin Sky Bar is one of the best open terrace bars in Delhi and this place honestly justify its name too. This place is a must-visit and best known for its open sky seating area. Kylin Sky Bar has also won ‘Best Lounge Bar‘ award in Delhi in 2014 announced by Times Food.  Here you can enjoy your drink in the starry night and can enjoy the best experience. They serve delicious Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine.

Recommended: Sushi, Sangria, Kung Pao Chicken, Prawn, Jasmine Rice, Sea Food, Cocktails

5. The Chatter House, Nehru Place

The Chatter House Nehru Place laziz

You can guess by the name of this bar that this place is best for long talks with delicious snacks and drinks. The Chatter House is of the best classy sports bars in Delhi. You can enjoy famous sports match here on a big projector screen. Fans usually come here to cheer their favorite team and make the atmosphere so fantastic.

Recommended: Chicken malai tikka, Keema Pav, Jacked potato, Vodka Pasta

6. Keya, Vasant Kunj

Keya Vasant Kunj delhi laziz

Keya is the restaurant that seems like a bar and turns into a fantastic club on weekends. This place has everything that a party lover desire, good food, great music and best LIITs in Delhi. This is the bar where you should go for a few drinks before having dinner or when you want to hard all night long. They have a wide range of International drinks in their bar menu. These things make this place in the list of top bars in Delhi.

Recommended: Old fashioned Chilli Chicken, Pulled chicken, Perri Perri Pizza, and LIITs. Best for the weekend night out.

7. Ruin Pub by Imperfecto, Khel Gaon Marg

Ruin Pub by Imperfecto Khel Gaon Marg delhi laziz

Ruin Pub by Imperfecto stays true to its name with not perfect things but unique. Upside down furniture of Avante Garde decor, a wall covered with ham radios and mannequin body parts. These all things seem mismatched but still gives you the feel of uniqueness like mismatched seating and hand-knitted swings. You can dance here on the music performed by live musicians with amazing cocktails. They serve multicuisine in their menu so you can pick from sushi to BBQ pork ribs. This place is one of the perfect bars in Delhi for the night out and parties.

Recommended: Sushi, Dream of Poppies, Midnight Traffic, Ter-Maki.

8. Auro Kitchen and Bar, Hauz Khas

Auro Kitchen and Bar Hauz Khas delhi laziz

Auro Kitchen and Bar is spread across a hug 7000 sq ft area that includes the inside dining area and an open terrace. The bar made in an old shipping container which looks cool. The ambiance in this bar is so amazing because of their large space area and cozy dining area. This place is also famous for the best music events and gigs in Delhi. Similarly, their food and drinks are also good. Certainly get a place in top bars in Delhi.

Recommended: Bheja Fajitas, Goan Mafia Pockets, Dhalle Chilli.

9. Bohca, Asiad Village

Bohca Asiad Village khel gaon marg delhi laziz

Bohca is a plush restaurant bar with a large lounge area, this bar is placed in the beautiful locality of Khel Goan Delhi. They have a wedge-shaped bar which is beautifully designed and have Dj console in between. This bar has a large seating area in the outdoor and verdant courtyard. Bohca bar serves excellent cocktails and mocktails, preppy music is also great. But don’t expect too much from the food. Because of their awesome drinks and amazing music, this bar hit the list of top bars in Delhi.

Recommended: Moroccan Lamb Sausages, Lamb Merguez

1o. Odeon Social, Connaught Place

Odeon Social Connaught Place cp delhi laziz

This place is best to memorize the old school days, Odean Social is full of books, benches, big blackboard, and trophies. Social is so popular among youngsters and well known for their quirky menus. This place is located above the iconic Odean theatre in Connaught Place. Their food and drinks name is according to the theme and carry your childhood memories. Their Pasta Tiffin Box is delicious and worth it to try at once. They serve Old Monk blended with Kala Khatta in Banta style bottles which make a tangy taste in your mouth. Odean Social is a place which is a cafe in day and bar at night, therefore this place is one of the best bars in Delhi.

Recommended: Butter Chicken Biryani, Anda Seekh Paratha, Ramesh and Suresh, China Box, LIITs.

11. Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj

Monkey Bar Vasant Kunj delhi laziz

Monkey Bar is a Bangalore based bar which is recently opened in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. This place is perfect for afternoon drinks and weekend night out. The bar is spread on two floors with popular movies posters on red brick walls. Their all dishes are cooked and creatively served under chef Manu Chandra. Their delicious dishes are filled with regional delicacies and add funkiness to surprise you. They have amazing drink combination in mocktails and cocktails with tangy flavors that give you taste and adrenaline rush at the same time. This place is perfect for a casual meeting and weekend drinking. Hence this bar claims the spot in the list of best bars in Delhi

Recommended: Caramelized Ribs, Goulati Killer, Chicken Chimichuri, Hot wings.

12. Delhi Club House, Sangam Complex

Delhi Club House Sangam Complex delhi laziz

Delhi Club House is located in Sangam Complex, RK Puram, Delhi running by Chef Marut Sikka. They serve Anglo Indian cuisine dishes with delicious taste and flavor. This restaurant bar gives their customers a large seating area and option near the windows, near the antique bar. They also have an option of a private dining area. Drinks served with desi herbs and spices give you pleasant taste that stays long in the mouth. This place is a cafe in the daytime when you are here to have lunch and bar at night with dim light and bright velvet curtains. Their music will make you enjoy your drink with foot tapping. People mostly visit here on special occasions and for date night. No doubt why this bar is in the list of top bars in Delhi.

Recommended: Dak Bungalow Chicken Roast, Fish Orly, Railway Mutton Curry, Yam Galouti, Amritsari Kulcha, and East India Drink.

13. Juniper Bar, Aerocity

Gin Bar New Delhi Juniper Bar Andaz Delhi Aerocity

Juniper Bar is famous for its signature Gin collections and crafted by various spices, herbs, fruits, and flowers. This bar true justifies its name Juniper aka berry because it’s used for making gin. Over 39 home infusions give the boast to this home-style bar with their four segments categories. These are Fruity Floral, Citrus, Spices, and Herbs. The large seating area on the bar makes the atmosphere more pleasant where can talk with bartenders. Even ask them to give the best drink they get. This bar is one of the bars in Delhi for Gin lovers and for their amazing cocktails.

Recommended: Double Juniper, Delhi Sapphire, Keema Samos, Shylock.

14. Aribba, Asiad Village

Aribba Asiad Village delhi laziz

This first look of this bar makes a remarkable impression in your mind. Their beautiful seating is under the thatched roofs with light-up interiors make this place more attractive. They serve delicious Mexican dishes such as sizzling fajitas, fiery pork skewers, and tequila. Arriba is well known for its margaritas and for their truly unique flavors that feature an extensive menu. These things make this place one of the best bars in Delhi.

Recommended: Habañero Smoked Pork Skewers, Pineapple Ginger & Jalapeño Margarita, Sizzling Fajitas, Tequila Prawns

15. Turquoise Cottage, Green Park

Turquoise Cottage Green Park delhi laziz

Turquoise Cottage is one of the most happening places and bars in Delhi. You will enjoy the leather settees, dark wood decor interiors, filament chandeliers and rusty vibe here. This cafe cum bar plays good music like groovy blues, rock anthems and makes you dance on your seats. This place is best for karaoke nights if you come with your friends and family. Drinks and food are worth it to come again here.

Recommended: Pizza Margherita, Chilli Chicken.

16. Ek Bar, Defence Colony

Ek Bar Defence Colony delhi laziz

When you come to this bar you will see a kind of mascot here in the form of an elephant wearing sunglasses in multicolor. Ek Bar is owned partially by Chef Sujan Sarkar who made this place inspired by International bars. Their creative Indian dishes boast the menu and give you the feel of a desi tapas bar. They serve some great cocktails with unique flavors using desi ingredients. These all heartwarming drinks mindfully crafted by Chef Sujan himself. They give a desi touch in every dish that makes them all unique. The drinks menu includes 12 signature cocktails each with different taste and story. One of the best bars in Delhi and perfect for rooftop dinner.

Recommended: Non-Veg Thali, Mushroom Pate, Murabba Mule, Khammer Pizza.

Hence the above of bars and pubs are the best bars in Delhi according to peoples reviews and experience. So we hope the next you look for top bars in Delhi, you won’t forget to check this list by Laziz.

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