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Top 20 Best Clubs & Disc in Delhi | List by Laziz

Clubs & Disc Delhi

Best Clubs & Disc in Delhi

Party lover people always looking for the party places in their town and when you in Delhi you have lots of clubs in this list. But if you confuse where to go at this weekend night for the party and looking for best and top clubs in Delhi. Here is the list for you by Laziz.

1. The Library- The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri

library leela palace clubs delhi laziz
Photo Courtesy of: Indian Excursions Co

This place is a symbol of luxury and inspired by the era of chesterfield chairs which makes this sophisticated club so beautiful. The Library is beautifully decorated with dark wood and Leather interiors. They have a wide range of limited edition whiskeys and a large collection of signature cocktails. The dining area is well furnished with cushioned seats and lighted with illuminated amphora jars. Which gives you a majestic view and relaxed vibe. The Library is truly a heaven for those who are looking enjoy aged whiskeys and magnums. The royalty of this club makes this place one of the best clubs in Delhi.

Recommended: Mezze Platter, Chicken Tatsuta, Perfect for whiskey lovers

2. Playground, JW Marriott, Aerocity

Photo Courtesy of: Outlook India

The first thing impresses the people in playground club is a colorful food truck which is so eye-catching and attracts the people so much before the entrance. After entering the club you will see the graffiti heart on the walls which is so beautiful and artistic. Playground club is spacious and the sitting area with comfortable settees. The thing makes this club one of the best clubs in Delhi is Late Night Party and the crowd is so elite. They have a big bar with a wide and extensive range of whiskeys and cocktails. The chefs in the club prepare delicious international dishes. The decor and ambiance of this club are so electrifying.

Recommended: Playground Hangover Burger, Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Gambas Al Ajillo

3. The Hong Kong Club, The Andaaz, Aerocity

The Hong Kong club try to bring the glamour of Hong Kong to Delhi with a beautiful interior. This club has a multilevel space with an Island bar. The dining area is well furnished by all glass frontage and the chic interior with Chinese art. They also have private rooms for private dining and parties with their own bars. They have towering wine racks in the middle of the club and open kitchen. The experienced chefs Alex Moser and Yu Fuhai present Asian dishes so beautifully and taste delicious. They have a special cocktail called club’s 12 which is inspired by the Chinese mythological animal. The nightlife of this club is also so amazing which makes this club one of the best clubs in Delhi.

Recommended: Sun Wukong, Pork Belly, Moon Rabbit,  Cantonese Chicken, Thousand Layer Scallop Pastry, Olive Rice,  Duck Bao, Mushroom Bao.

4. Kitty Su, Barakhamba Road

kitty su clubs delhi laziz

If we talk about the top clubs in Delhi Kitty su is definitely on the top, this is the only club in India that made it in top 100 clubs of the world in DJ Mag’s. This club is suspicious and divided into four sections: list, salon, dressing room, and stay with us. Each section has a different theme and a completely different vibe from each other. When you move from one section to another you will feel an adrenaline rush in your body buy there own sound systems.

Their sound systems are amazing transcends supersonic sound waves across. This will give you a feeling of an International concert the wall art from inside is inspired by the ancient Khajuraho Temples. The interior is so beautiful hand the chick decor give gives a rich texture to the ambiance the bar and the champagne room offer you a fine selection of whiskeys, wines, champagnes, and cocktails. Kitty su is famous for their Late Night Parties and Live Music Concert.

Recommended: Chicken Tikka, LIIT, Cheesy Nachos,

5. Cirrus 9, The Oberoi, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg

cirrus 9 Zakir Hussain Marg clubs delhi laziz

This is the latest entry in the list of the best clubs in Delhi and also the latest addition to The Oberoi after revamping. Cirrus 9 is beautifully designed by the Chief modern decor. They have a large bar and a large sitting area with velvet settees and these settees are encircled by the small tea tables. But the most eye-catching settees are with the portable fireplace at the center of the table. These settees are placed in the balcony and give you a beautiful 360-degree view of the city.

Recommended: Flat Bread, The Twinkle

6. Piano Man Jazz Club, Safdarjung

paino man jazz club Safdarjung clubs delhi laziz

If you love to enjoy jazz music with a drink in hand Piano Man Jazz Club is one of the best clubs in Delhi for this wonderful music genre. this club famous for the year just performance by the artist all around the year. Piano Man Jazz Club is well known for their Live Music.

Recommended: Non-veg TPM Nachos, Pepperoni Pizza

7. Grappa, Janpath

grappa janpath clubs delhi laziz

Grappa word is taking from an Italian fruit which is Grapes that’s why the drinks and the cocktails of this club are inspired by Italian drinks. This gastro club is located in Shangri- La’s – Eros Hotel. The menu of the bar called Cicchetti which means “to start” offers you some amazing cocktails. Which are perfectly made by the experienced and talented mixologist. The bar is divided into two sections first one is the inner section and the second one is the Alfresco dining area. The inner section is well furnished by warm wooden interiors and french windows and the dining area overlooking of Garden lawn. This uniqueness of this club gives this place a deserved spot in the top list of best clubs in Delhi. Don’t forget to Negroni cocktails.

Recommended: Recommended: Negroni, Italian Spicy Sausage Pizza, Bruschetta Tasting Plate

8. The Electric Room, Lodhi Road

the electric room clubs delhi laziz

The Electric Room club is so famous among the youngsters because of their glamorous ambiance, swanky decor, and electrifying concerts. This club hosted by many International and national artists and held amazing performances. They have a long bar along the walls but with a few seats because people love to drink while standing here. The theme of this club is bright red and black which is so catchy and complimenting the interior. They have a spacious dance floor and if you love to shake your legs on live music this is the perfect place for you. These all things make this place one of the best clubs in Delhi.

Recommended: Kimchi Bloody Mary, Sushi Doughnut, Philadelphia Rolls

9. House A, Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place

House A is one of the exclusive clubs in Delhi where only registered members are allowed. If you are already a remember of this amazing club then you know better that there is no other place in Delhi for night parties. The techno theme of this luxurious club gives you an electrifying vibe. The colorful wall art, glossy chandeliers, chick interiors, velvet sofa, and vibrant music system make the ambiance so amazing.

Recommended: Apothecary Fizz, Monkey Rusty Nail

10. PCO, Vasant Vihar

pco vasant vihar clubs delhi laziz

Most of the bars and clubs in Delhi try to be catchy so people can easily find them but the PCO in Vasant Vihar is completely opposite. This club is not easy to find or enter because you have to punch a password on a phone before entering this club. That makes visitors more curious about this place. After entering the club you will see a poster of Frank Sinatra and the restroom in red telephone box gives you a mystic vibe.

This club is large on space and the furniture with leather swivel chairs. The bar menu with a long list of naughty cocktails in PCO. These drinks will give you a sweet trance before you even know it. You will see a cigar room upstairs surrounded with bookshelves and gives you calm Vibe. And if you love to dance after getting drunk there’s a place for you in the basement for deep house lovers. I think you know now why this place is on the list of best clubs in Delhi.

Recommended: Gambas Al Ajillo, Stuffed Chicken

11. Blue Bar, Chanakyapuri

Blue Bar is a bar-cum-club which is a bar in day and club in the night. This luxurious club is elegantly decorated with chic decor and comfortable couches and with bright purple lights. The Alfresco dining area gives you the view of pool and lawn which is perfect for a long chat evening on drinks. Blue bar gives you the heart pumping music which makes your body and mind to dance. Especially the youngsters couldn’t stop themselves to dance on every beat and rhythm. The cocktails of blue bar is a perfect way to make your body and mind to a different level. No doubt why blue bar is one of the best clubs in Delhi for the young generation.

Recommended: Whiskey Sour, Romeo and Juliet Martini, Asian Mule, Aristocrat

12. RSVP, Janpath

RSVP was once in the top 5 best clubs in Delhi but after opening best clubs in Connaught Place people diverted from this club. But still, this place is good for dance lovers and party enthusiasts. The main thing that attracts the party lovers in this club is there are amazing cocktails and a big dance floor. The music system is also good enough to make you shake your legs. The lavish interior with luxurious settees and hovering chandeliers in RSVP are impressive. They have an amazing collection of whiskeys and cocktails which is enough to ignite body for dance. Celebrity DJs are more often come here to perform. This place is also known for long night parties.

Recommended: Cocktails

13. Privee, Janpath

Privee is one of the best glamorous and fashionable clubs in Delhi and popular for the most glamorous parties in the town. The interior is the symbol of modern architecture in this club. The luxurious designs, a big bar, LED heart system and a large terrace are the main attraction. Privee is loaded with the amazing music system which definitely forces you to dance. If you want to party hard to all night long till 4 am, this is the perfect place for you because only a few clubs in Delhi gives you this feature.

Recommended: Pizza, Cocktails

14. Playboy Club, Chanakyapuri

Playboy opened this club in 2017 and give new height to Delhi nightlife. This club is a brand of Vegas Playboy Club and the things make this club different from other clubs are Playboy Bunnies, champagne Towers and gleaming disco lights. The finest DJs of the country perform here so you can’t hold yourself back from the dance floor. They serve delicious snacks here and you can enjoy the vintage wines and whiskeys here. Private Butler will take care of all of your needs you just need to order them. These all things make Playboy club one of the finest clubs in Delhi and undoubtedly make you speechless.

Recommended: Playboy LIIT

15. Rick’s Bar The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road

This Royal bar is located inside the famous and prestigious Taj Mahal Hotel. This bar come club is named after famous Hollywood star character Rick Blaine from the movie Casablanca. Rick’s Bar was the first bar in India who made flavored vodka popular long before become fashionable. The decors and the interiors of this club are so beautiful. Rick’s Bar is famous among the middle-aged generation who love to dance on old international songs. One of the best clubs in Delhi for old-school lovers.

Recommended: Message in a Bottle, Malai Pepper Chicken, Fly Over Cuckoo’s Nest

16. G Bar, The Grand, Vasant Kunj

Although, G bar is smaller in size compared to other famous clubs in Delhi. But the vibe and the ambiance of this club is simply amazing. This club is featured with all the necessary things a nightclub needs and these are contemporary decors, majestic light and a bar with a wide range of cocktails. The Dance Floor is small but gives you a benefit to interact with DJs so the connection of your call is more responsive.

Recommended: Sharaabi Jhinga, Tandoori Kebab Platter

17. Lithiyum, The Ashok, Chanakyapuri

This is also one of the best clubs in Delhi who offers you to party hard all night long till 4 AM. Lithiyum is well known for its amazing ambiance and electrifying music who force you to dance. This amazing club has a great cocktail menu and delicious fusion food dishes. This club has a sperate lounge too so after a long party you can relax and get comfortable. The amazing interior and modern lighting of this club give you a feel of an international club. Large dance and their amazing music system is the main attraction between the youngsters.

Recommended: Pizzas

18. Tamasha, Connaught Place

Tamasha is one of the most famous clubs to hang out with your friends. This amazing club is located in Heart of Delhi-CP. This Restaurant-cum-club has large seating areas divided into different sections: a Courtyard, Ground Floor, First Floor, Backyard and an amazing rooftop over a spacious terrace. Tamasha serves a large variety of dishes including Indian, Middle Eastern, and Continental Cuisine. This club is a perfect place to spend an amazing night out with friends and quality time with family. This eye-catching club also gives you a look of Optimus Prime that is a fictional character from a  famous Hollywood movie Transformers. Undoubtedly a worth visit place and well deserved a place in the list of best clubs in Delhi.

Recommended: Mimosa, Cocktails, Corn Cheese Kebab, Mai Thai,  Pasta, Peri Peri Chicken Pizza,  Salads

19. Bombay Bar, Connaught Place

Bombay Bar is a casual dining bar and lounge if you visit in the daytime and on weekdays but it turned into an amazing on weekend nights. This bar-cum-club is located in Connaught Place, Delhi. The club has an elegant interior and vibrant ambiance with awesome music. Bombay bar offers you delicious dishes an extensive menu of whiskeys and cocktails. The club serves a variety of finger food north Indian dishes along with an array of drinks and spirits from its eclectic bar menu. Bombay Bar is one of the best clubs in Delhi as well as in Connaught Place and a perfect place to experience an amazing nightlife.

Recommended: Pav Bhaji, Pizza, Vada Pav,  Long Island Iced Tea, Chicken Tikka, Phirni, Cocktails

20. Junkyard Cafe, Connaught Place

Junkyard Cafe is one of the best high rated clubs in Delhi to hang out with your gang. So if you are in Connaught Place and looking to rock your weekend night you must try this club. You will enjoy their amazing drinks, good food and almost prompt service with some rocking music. The interior and decor are so beautiful must deserve full marks on that. This place is good enough to pick your mood and Laziz suggested this place if you are on a date.

Recommended: Cocktails, Chicken Tikka Masala, Pizza, Chicken Shawarma, Long Island Iced Tea, Mocktails,  Pasta Primavera

So these are the top 20 best clubs in Delhi also includes the top 10. So next time before making any party plans on weekend night don’t forget to check this list and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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